It's the Arctic Monkeys

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i would give anything to watch arctic monkeys play all their bsides or ep songs live

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don’t buy colgate whitening toothpaste

it says guaranteed whiteness in 14 days

15 days have come and gone

and i am still asian

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i think part of the reason why 80’s movies were so great was because they explore the idea of teenagers that have absolutely no where to go or no idea of what to do with their life- and that’s okay.

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guys: uh why do girls care so much about being skinny? it's so annoying
guys: ew fat chicks
guys: why do girls care so much about shopping and romance and nail polish lol so annoying
guys: ew crazy butch lesbian manly feminazis why can't they act more feminine lol
guys: why do girls wear makeup they look so much better without it
guys: oh i'm so sorry are you sick? tired? dying?
guys: haha girls suck at math/science/sports
guys: a girl who does math/science/sports? well? get back in the kitchen that shits not gonna get you a husband
guys: why are girls so sensitive when we look at their boobs or something c'mon with that top you're asking for it
guys: oh my god a gay guy just hit on me how fucking disgusting what a creeper doesn't he have any boundaries?


Little Noise Sessions, London, 19.11.2009

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"Image should be secondary, as far as I’m concerned. I play music. I’m not a model. Turn on MTV and close your eyes. How long will it take before you turn it off?"

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I will defend my favorite character faster than myself

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